Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Google Glass To Go Public For The First Time

Google glass goes public for the first time. The wearable device which costs $1,500 is at the moment only available to Google developers, surgeons, artists, and a select group of individuals. But on the 15th of April 2014, Google is opening online sales in the United States for Adults based in the U.S who can afford the $1,500 wearable face computer.

Google Glass stands as one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2014, and is lauded for it's contribution to wearable technology, praised for its anticipated usefulness in medical science, and is touted 'the future of computing'.

However, Google glass is also one of the most controversial devices. According to a report by, google glass is criticized for hastening the death of privacy, and mocked for looking silly. People wearing Google Glass have been banned from bars and restaurants, given tickets for distracted driving, and dubbed "Glassholes." It's been a busy year.

This online sales is however open for a limited time, probably a day, to adults based in the U.S.

Google Glass raises high expectations and raises high prospects in the field of medical science. The device is speculated to help surgeons in surgery and researchers are working on how Google Glass can support patients with Parkinson's disease.

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