Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The iPhone 6 Plus "BendGate" Scandal

Iphone 6+ Reported To Be Easily Bent (pics)

It's very sad that the thousand dollars iPhone 6 plus is not built with a tough and hard metal/aluminum material to prevent the story that touches, considering the price paid for it.....

Several iPhone 6 Plus owners are complaining that their devices have become slightly bent, mere days after buying them.

With this issue gathering increasing amount of attention throughout the day, a crafty YouTube user posted a video, which tests the rigidity of the iPhone 6 Plus. And the phone bent so easily

In order to be fair, the same YouTube user tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 under the same circumstances. And the phone doesn't.

The person in the video also observed before the test that his device already displayed slight indentation. The weak spot appears to be on its left side, right below the volume buttons.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Apple has to say about this problem - which has the potential to bother many current (or future) iPhone 6 Plus users.

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