Sunday, 20 April 2014

Top 10 Google SEO Tips to follow in 2014

SEO is a means of optimizing or making your webpage or site visible to search engines for natural search results, that is, the higher ranked on the search result page, the more visitors and organic traffic that would be received on that page.

SEO has really helped so many bloggers and web owners in terms of earning and one good thing about search engine optimization is that it helps to drive real human traffic to your blog.

Today’s stroll, I would brief you on the Top 10 Google SEO Tips to follow in 2014.

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1. Content king:

Quality content is always the key towards blogging and google respects that. So provide fresh contents free from plagarism, and also contents that are easy to read. Remember that you’re not writing for search engines primarily, so get the contents understood also by your readers. By doing so, your webpage would be easily optimized by search engines and engaging your readers would help to reduce your blog bounce rate, don’t forget that good contents engages your blog readers.

2. Keywords in Title tag and content:

The use of keyword in the title of your content is another fast process towards SEO, and it also helps in ranking your search results. Few other keywords in your content, unlike subheading and body of the content also enable the visibility of your web page to search engines.

3. Keywords in Url:

Applying one or two keywords to your post permalink is another good process towards search engine optimization. So before publishing any post on your blog, always check in for the post permalink to be sure that one or two keywords are visible in the link. I.e Post title; top seo tips, link;

4. Image Optimization:

The use of alt tags and title in all your images helps in search engine optimization. And most times, try to avoid copyrighted images in other to free your web page from plagarism. Also try to optimize your image size to speedin the server load time.

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5. Interlink your pages:

This is another good means toward search engine optimization, fixing a couple of contextual links that points to other pages of your website also help in SEO. So try to apply these links on every page of your web pags. And incase you’re linking to other webpages (outbound links); always make sure that it’s to a good site, not spammy ones. With good interlinking, it provides Google Page Rank being shared among your web pages.

6. Optimization of your website/blog:

Talking of website or blog optiization, it means reducing the load capacity. Take note that if your blog takes a longer time to load with high data usuage, it directly affects the visitors that you receive on your webpage thereby causing a reduction of your daily traffic. So, the best way to optimize your blog is by removing any invaluable scripts from your blog or rather, get a premium theme that is being optimized already. Google page speed tool can be of help, to ensure if your website or blog is fully optimized.

7. Submit your website to search engine/directories:

Submiting your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is another good way towards search engine optimization. In fact, it is the first step to take towards that. Once your webpage is being submitted, your web pages would be indexed for good search results. Submiting your website/blog to directories helps to quicken your pages in terms of indexing and also invites much more traffics and backlinks to your webpages.

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8. Easy Navigation:

This is an important role towards search engine optimization, causing your site to be easily navigated by adding pagings on your webpages and also applying sitemaps also gives hand in optimization.

9. Work on your robot.txt:

Try to make sure that you have “index follow” in robots tag that helps to tell the search engine spider to index your pages. This is a very vital role towards search engine optimization causing your web pages to be well indexed by search engines.

10. Keywords in domain:

Applying keyword in domain can also help in ranking your search result. Just make sure you have a keyword in your domain for better optimization by search engines.

Extra tips that can help towards SEO:
1. Never link to bad websites
2. Always try to stay at the right side of google
3. Use advertising to generate some traffics
4. Use quality web host
5. Use unique IP address for your website/blog
6. Avoid flash like the plague
7. Avoid much of frames on your blog
8. Make use of google sandbox

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Google Glass To Go Public For The First Time

Google glass goes public for the first time. The wearable device which costs $1,500 is at the moment only available to Google developers, surgeons, artists, and a select group of individuals. But on the 15th of April 2014, Google is opening online sales in the United States for Adults based in the U.S who can afford the $1,500 wearable face computer.

Google Glass stands as one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2014, and is lauded for it's contribution to wearable technology, praised for its anticipated usefulness in medical science, and is touted 'the future of computing'.

However, Google glass is also one of the most controversial devices. According to a report by, google glass is criticized for hastening the death of privacy, and mocked for looking silly. People wearing Google Glass have been banned from bars and restaurants, given tickets for distracted driving, and dubbed "Glassholes." It's been a busy year.

This online sales is however open for a limited time, probably a day, to adults based in the U.S.

Google Glass raises high expectations and raises high prospects in the field of medical science. The device is speculated to help surgeons in surgery and researchers are working on how Google Glass can support patients with Parkinson's disease.